There's a Better Way!

A professional and advanced online offer management tool that takes all methods of sale to another level; in particular the Tender/Deadline Sale and Auction.

The platform has the ability to draw in a larger portion of buyers to contend for a property and is designed to create competition and urgency. It enables buyers to place multiple offers, from wherever they are and on any device. Because the platform is transparent, the visual power of buyers witnessing other offers can influence them to go beyond their limits, driving up the price!

For the first time Vendors have the opportunity to fully engage in the sales process. They are not left waiting for the agent's call or update. They're not being placed into another room away from the action. Instead, Vendors are fully across the sales process, in close communication with their agent and watching it all unfold.

The agent remains in constant communication with all buyers, tightly managing and guiding the process along, encouraging buyers to act.

Either way, Vendors can be secure in the knowledge that their property has been marketed using a multi-award-winning platform that enables ALL buyers to compete for their property, whether they're local or global, resulting in a premium sale price.

Here's what a recent vendor had to say after the property was sold on our platform:

"We were excited by the number of offers and the amount of competition from the buyers. It was brilliant to watch the sale happen in real time. We couldn't believe we achieved a whole $80,000 over our dream price. The process from start to finish was so easy! Selling online is a no brainer." - Jordan V, Vendor